Dr. Laurie Scolari


  • Strategist - Conduct a landscape analysis of your programming, funding, and approach. Create a logic model to streamline programming and recommendations for improved outcomes. 
  • Strategic Planning - Create strategic plans for institutions, divisions, departments, or cross sector initiatives to meet your objectives, and reporting requirements. 
  • Public Speaking - Create innovative presentation slides and talking points for managers. Established public speaker.
  • Meeting & Conference Facilitation - Design conferences, workshops and provide meeting facilitation. 




"Transitional Barriers for First Generation Students of Color: Why We Must Disrupt The System Now." 2015 Educator Symposium. Northern California Career Pathways Alliance, Petaluma, CA. 

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"Our Imperative to Promote the Community College: Strategies for Cross Counselor Collaboration." 2015 Strengthening Student Success Conference, Oakland, CA. 

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“Practical Steps and Extraordinary Measures: How Colleges Can Accurately Place Students in English and Math courses.” 2014 Strengthening Student Success Annual Conference, Costa Mesa, CA

About Me 

it's about changing the system for students like me. 

I grew up in the lettuce fields of the Salinas Valley. My mother emigrated to California from Mexico and cleaned houses for a living. To teach me a lesson of the importance of pursuing my education, I cleaned the local bars with my mother at 4 AM. The lesson worked - I now pride myself on being the first in my family to obtain bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees. Through a lens of equity, I aim to re-shape systems of learning to better serve students like me. 

I am a lecturer at San Francisco State University and University of San Francisco. Previously, I've held the following positions:

  • Dean of Counseling and Student Support Services @ City College of San Francisco
  • Associate Dean of Outreach & Recruitment Services @ City College of San Francisco
  • Director, California Community College Linked Learning Initiative @ Career Ladders Project
  • Associate Director, Educational Partnerships Center @ University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Director, Our Children Our Families Council @ San Francisco Unified School District 

I am also a cancer survivor and was featured in Modern Latina magazine for my blog on creating cancer-fighting Mexican meals - meals that my mom and I created together while I fought off my battle with cancer. My husband, Sirron Norris, is a local artist and muralist. Together, we work towards promoting educational opportunities as a means of social justice for communities of color.

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  • Institutions of Higher Education
  • K-12 Institutions 
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Intersections across public, private and the P-20 continium.  



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Naughton, S., Tran, J., Scolari L. (2016). Our Children, Our Families Council Outcomes Framework. Our Children, Our Families Council. City & County of San Francisco. 

Scolari, L., Antrobus, R. (2015) Self-Assessment of an Effective Community College/K12 Partnership. In Venezia, A., McGaughy, C. Supporting the Dream: How High Schools and Colleges Can Partners to Improve College and Career Readiness. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. 

Carew, M. Gurantz, O., Scolari L. (2013). Cross-Agency Collaboration and Shared Data from the Community Perspective: You Can’t Point Fingers at Data. In From Data to Action: Using Data and Institutions to ImproveYouth Outcomes. John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities, Stanford University. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

Scolari, L. A. (2012). First-generation students of color: Easing their transition to community college. Retrieved from ProQuest Digital Dissertations. (Accession Order No. 3545586).




Ed.d. Doctor of Education

Dissertation: First-Generation Students of Color: Easing their Transition to Community College. 

M.A. Master of Nonprofit Administration





  • California Education Policy Fellow Scholarship recipient 

  • Award of excellence for outstanding contributions & achievements - City College of San Francisco  

  • Inspirational faculty/staff Award - University of California Santa Cruz

  • Valuable Contribution Award - San Francisco Unified School District 

  • Extraordinary Contribution - Compton Unified School District

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